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MIDGUT 30 km

Track length: 30 km
Height gain: 1060 m
Maximum height: 426 m
Number of checkpoints: 3
Track time limit: 6 hours

It is a track where runners who have previously had cross-country running experience and have sufficient training level can improve themselves.


Especially in long-distance running, an important factor that affects performance as much as training is the choice of materials and knowing how to use and maintain them. Age, training level and the choice of equipment specific to the track to be run have a serious impact on performance. While the right materials will provide a comfortable racing environment, they will also allow you to complete the course in a healthy way in harsh natural conditions. In extreme sports, life safety is a prerequisite for competition. If necessary, you must be able to take care of yourself in the field until help arrives. Especially mandatory materials are essential for life safety. Therefore, the lack of mandatory materials requires penalties. The penalties you will receive if required materials are missing are explained in the rules section.

In Gökçeada, as of September, you may encounter rain, fog, wind and decreasing temperatures depending on altitude. Although it includes partial asphalt passages, most of the track is in a dirt structure called "trail". In addition to wide paths, there will also be narrow paths (singles) to be run among dense bushes and branches. There may be partial water migration depending on the amount of rainfall. 

A. Required Materials
It will be checked at the registration desk. These materials must be carried throughout the entire race, from start to finish. Equipment can be checked at any time within the track. Carrying missing equipment is grounds for penalty or disqualification.

1. Shoes suitable for the track,

2. Leggings,

3. Suitable GPS-enabled watch,

4. Sunglasses,
5. Sunscreen,
6. Baton,
7. Vaseline and similar creams,
8. Knife or scissors


Gökçeada' da, Eylül ayı itibarıyla yağmur, sis, rüzgar ve rakıma bağlı olarak düşen hava sıcaklıkları ile karşılaşabilirsiniz. Kısmi asfalt geçişler içerse de parkurun büyük kısmı "trail" tabir edilen toprak yapıdadır. Çoğunlukla geniş patikalar yanı sıra sık çalı ve dallar arasında koşulacak dar patikalar (single trek) da olacaktır. Yağış miktarına göre kısmi su geçişleri ile karşılaşılabilir.

Parkurda 3 adet su/beslenme noktası olacaktır.


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